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Toting Your Toddler to a Theme Park

Taking a toddler to a busy place that is filled with fun-looking rides and outrageously long lines is bound to have both its highs and lows. Here are some things to keep in mind when taking your toddler to a large theme park.

Tips for taking a toddler to a family theme park…

1. Bring a stroller
 Even though your toddler likes to walk everywhere, they’re bound to get pooped at some point. An over stimulating and crowed parks will tire your child. Plus, you can always use it to carry your bags if your child refuses to sit in it.

2. Check your toddler’s height
Measure your child’s height before heading the the park. It’s no fun arriving at a venue only to find that all the rides are for kids taller than yours. Plan ahead to find out which rides your toddler can and can’t go on. That way, you can steer clear of anything that looks exciting but your toddler is too small to ride.

3. Pack wisely
Bring sunscreen and plenty of snacks. Food and drinks add up, there aren’t the healthiest choices. Make sure you have a healthy treat on hand for your child to eat. Always carry extras: diapers, wet-naps, Kleenex and other essentials. Bring a swimsuit, towel, and water shoes if the theme park has a toddler waterplay area.

4. Dress for comfort
Keep comfort in mind, and safety too, when you’re dressing your toddler for a theme-park visit. Have him wear sneakers (not slip-on clogs or flip-flops) and dress him in a bright, solid-colored shirt so you can spot him easily in a crowd.  

5. I.D.
Write your name and cell phone number somewhere on your child (inside their pocket, on a bracelet, etc.) in case you get separated. Lovable Labels sells these nifty i.d. bracelets that you can personalize when you go on outings. These single-use disposable wristbands are adjustable, water resistant and tear proof. Perfect to use at the pool, beach, amusement park, or any place where a child might wander away. Click here to get more info on these KID Bands.

6. Find the right parking
Find out if there is a preferred parking area closer to the park. It may cost a little more but will be well worth it when you’re heading home after a long day at the park!

7. Bring family or friends
Visit with at least one other family if possible. This way one parent can take turns watching both families’ stuff while the rest of you go on rides together.

8. Check the park’s schedule and offering
Take advantage of shorter lines during a parade or shows. Use this time to hit the busier rides since many of the park goers are otherwise occupied. Make sure your toddler’s favorite character appears the day you’re attending.

9. Take in a show after lunch
It’s the perfect thing to do and some much needed quiet time while your toddler is digesting lunch. Think of it as a nap alternative, since you know you’ve given up on that for the day.

10. Skip the gift shop
This one might be obvious but if you don’t want to buy your child anything, avoid the gift shop altogether.

11. Don’t overplan
You might have a list of attractions in mind but don’t overwhelm your toddler with must-see/must-do activities. Toddlers have the most fun when they are leading the way and setting the pace. You can head off meltdowns by keeping things low-key. Plus, they will never know what they are missing. If you don’t make it to all of them, no problem!

With these tips, you and your toddler will have a blast at the amusement park!

What other tips do you have to share when visiting busy attractions with wee ones?

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