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Studies show that over the summer, students lose up to 20% of what they’ve learned over the school year.

Spirit of Math North Toronto Campus

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Address 1950 Bathurst Street
Toronto, ON M5P 3K9
Phone416-223-1985 x113
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Spirit of Math Schools is an “after-school school” program, unique to the education system. SMS offers so much more than tutoring, supplemental work for the students, or even what standard enrichment classes can offer. Through the interaction with others in the classroom, there is greater opportunity for learning.

Students attend a 1½ hour class each week. The program in each grade progresses through the year, from September until June.

The Spirit of Math program was developed in the classroom by Charles Ledger over a 20-year period. The success of the program as evaluated through national competitions has been unrivalled by any other mathematics program for grades 7-9. Spirit of Math Schools Inc. has been incorporated since 1995 and has been offering after-school courses to students since 1993.

Spirit of Math is NOT a tutoring program. All of the students learn as a class and progress together to complete the course. There are strict homework requirements that often have the entire family involved in the learning process. It is this commitment to collaboration that has given many children new found confidence to tackle questions that before, were simply ‘impossible’.

Spirit of Math programs are currently offered in 17 Greater Toronto Locations.


A Willingness to Learn
The nature and difficulty of the questions in the SMS Program develops a keen interest in mathematics. Our students’ desire to learn grows as they study Spirit of Math and they become more and more excited about the challenges given to them.

Organizational Skills
Because students are shown how to organize their notes and time, and then encouraged to use the strategies taught, they become disciplined learners.

Perseverance to Stay With a Difficult Problem
The SMS program excels in providing its students with opportunities to learn the discipline of perseverance by teaching them how to approach complex mathematical problems.

Thinking Skills
Students continually use learned knowledge to solve new and difficult questions. This develops higher level thinking skills and improves students’ understanding of simpler concepts.

Interpersonal Skills
Through co-operative learning strategies, students learn how to discuss problems and share ideas. They learn the importance of working with and learning from their peers.

To find out more about our programs, please visit our website.

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Region: Toronto North